Dusting off the blog… Hello 2018!

I started this blog in late 2016, around the same time I began teaching myself Spanish. I quickly became so overloaded with non-blogging responsibilities that I completely neglected my blog.

Although I had not published a single post since April 2017, I became extremely curious as to what had become of this poor, neglected blog of mine. I was completely shocked to log in and see that I had miraculously gained 700+ subscribers since my last log-in nearly 9 months ago. It seems like you all went crazy for my Skinny Chipotle Burrito Bowls recipe. I couldn’t be more pleased that own of my typical meal prep go-tos reached the eyes of hundreds of readers!

With that said, it’s worth introducing myself again. I’m Eva, a 29 year old ESL teacher living in Houston, Texas with my husband and two dogs. For the first 20 years of my life, I was overweight, until I made a drastic life change that resulted in a passion for healthy eating and fitness. Over the past year, I have also been learning Spanish — taking two consecutive trips to Mexico and currently planning more trips to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

A quick summary of 2017’s highlights since my last post:

Justin and I finished our — dare I say impressive — home gym:


We didn’t travel outside of Texas this past summer, but we did celebrate my nephew’s birthday in San Antonio.


A couple weeks after the new school year started, Hurricane Harvey started. Many of our coworkers and students lost nearly everything, but it was great to see our city so united afterwards.


This school year has been a difficult one. We decided to take two trips to Mexico, one in November and one in December. We started with Guanajuato City. Here we are at Callejon de Beso:


We returned in December to celebrate my 29th birthday…



And the Christmas holidays! These shots are from the Zocolo, the historic city centre of Mexico City.


IMG_4874 (1)

Also, Teotihuacan! Highly recommend this site to anyone visiting the Mexico City area.


Finally, upon our return, I was able to meet my new nephew down in South Texas before the start of the new year.


So, here we are, mid-February, 2018. Although we are well into the new year, I’d like to resolve that I will be more consistent about blogging on this platform and sharing my passion for health and fitness with all of you! Thanks for joining me for the ride.



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February Goals Update and Progress

I hope every one had a great Valentine’s Day this past week! Ours was pretty low-key, since every day is Valentine’s Day at the Love Nest. It’s hard to believe we only have 9 days left in February!

Unfortunately, I’m already not doing too well on two of my February goals. One of the goals was to post twice a week (epic fail for this past week– I didn’t even get to 1 post!) and the other was to get started on rolling over my old 403b from my first job to a traditional IRA (another epic fail– I haven’t even gotten the ball rolling).

On a positive note, I am making progress with my 6-hour weekly Spanish learning commitment, yesterday I watched about 12 episodes of Destinos, and I went back on Duolingo and practiced on some of my weaker skills throughout the week. I’m also poised to complete my first principal certification course with an A. So far, I’m making good on 50% of my goals for this month.

But 50% is not 100%, and when I set a goal, I aim to achieve it… especially since I openly shared these goals on my blog. 0 blog posts last week mean that I’m on the hook for more posts this week.

This month has been a complete whirlwind. With testing season upon us in the public school world, my duties at work have completely dominated my life. I coordinate placement and testing decisions for all ESL students at my campus (and we have the highest number in the district), which means this is an extremely hectic time of year– and it doesn’t help that this is my first year in this job! March will only become busier.

I could go on and on about how busy and stressful work is, but that doesn’t change anything. I set goals earlier this month, and damn it, I’m going to achieve them! More on this at the end of the month.


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February: Goal-Setting

February so far has been absolutely nuts for me. I know it makes much more sense to make a goal-setting post at the beginning of the month, instead of 10 days into it, but what can I say? This idea presented itself to me a couple days ago, and I’m just now able to write about it. I’m sick at home with what might actually be the beginnings of a flu… fingers crossed that it is not!

I’ve always been big on lists and goal-setting. It keeps me organized and gives me a clear vision on how to properly allocate my time and energy. It was creating lists of goals that allowed me to graduate college with honors a year early, earn scholarships to pay for my undergraduate and graduate degrees, pay for our wedding, down payment on our house, lose 40 lbs, etc. Goal setting = good. So here are my goals for the rest of this month:

1. Complete my first course for principal certification with an A – I’m at the tail end of my first course for my administrative certification program. So far, I have an A, but there is a lot that still needs to be completed and graded. This program is way more demanding than I initially gave it credit for.

2. Rollover my retirement savings into a traditional IRA – Several years ago, I opened up a retirement account with my first school district. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I figured at some point I would need to save for retirement. Going with this particular type of investment strategy and company ended up being a mistake, so I’m finally trying to get the ball rolling on putting this money into an IRA without all the ridiculous fees I was paying before!

3. Post at least twice a week and grow this blog – With so much going on, it’s easy to ignore this blog. I’m going to make every effort to not let that happen. I enjoy blogging and meeting new people/blogs on WordPress; it’s fun and relaxing. I’m interested in learning from more seasoned bloggers how to improve this one.

4. Dedicate at least six hours a week to language learning – I’ve written about my quest to improve my Spanish twice in this blog so far. Six hours a week is much more realistic than 1 hour a day, since my schedule doesn’t always allow that kind of time for explicit language learning. Typically I use the weekend as my catch-up time!

Those are some pretty big goals for the next 17.5 days, so I’m going to leave it at that. I will follow up on this blog at the end of the month to check my progress and set new goals for March!



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