Dusting off the blog… Hello 2018!

I started this blog in late 2016, around the same time I began teaching myself Spanish. I quickly became so overloaded with non-blogging responsibilities that I completely neglected my blog.

Although I had not published a single post since April 2017, I became extremely curious as to what had become of this poor, neglected blog of mine. I was completely shocked to log in and see that I had miraculously gained 700+ subscribers since my last log-in nearly 9 months ago. It seems like you all went crazy for my Skinny Chipotle Burrito Bowls recipe. I couldn’t be more pleased that own of my typical meal prep go-tos reached the eyes of hundreds of readers!

With that said, it’s worth introducing myself again. I’m Eva, a 29 year old ESL teacher living in Houston, Texas with my husband and two dogs. For the first 20 years of my life, I was overweight, until I made a drastic life change that resulted in a passion for healthy eating and fitness. Over the past year, I have also been learning Spanish — taking two consecutive trips to Mexico and currently planning more trips to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

A quick summary of 2017’s highlights since my last post:

Justin and I finished our — dare I say impressive — home gym:


We didn’t travel outside of Texas this past summer, but we did celebrate my nephew’s birthday in San Antonio.


A couple weeks after the new school year started, Hurricane Harvey started. Many of our coworkers and students lost nearly everything, but it was great to see our city so united afterwards.


This school year has been a difficult one. We decided to take two trips to Mexico, one in November and one in December. We started with Guanajuato City. Here we are at Callejon de Beso:


We returned in December to celebrate my 29th birthday…



And the Christmas holidays! These shots are from the Zocolo, the historic city centre of Mexico City.


IMG_4874 (1)

Also, Teotihuacan! Highly recommend this site to anyone visiting the Mexico City area.


Finally, upon our return, I was able to meet my new nephew down in South Texas before the start of the new year.


So, here we are, mid-February, 2018. Although we are well into the new year, I’d like to resolve that I will be more consistent about blogging on this platform and sharing my passion for health and fitness with all of you! Thanks for joining me for the ride.



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March Recap/April Goal-Setting

Goodbye, March… Hello, April!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged in here. With two months left in the school year, things have been super hectic and I guess I should have predicted that. TELPAS testing, the state assessment I played a big role in executing at my campus, is officially over. I’m hoping with one less responsibility, I can dedicate more time to blogging during the month of April. I might have been too ambitious last month.

With that said, let’s take a look at the goals set in March:

1. Work on the landscaping around my house – Check. Justin and I planted corn, squash, cucumber, and green beans, and they are really taking off! I also replaced the mulch in our front and back yards.

2. Continue improving my Spanish language skills by dedicating at least six hours a week to language learning – Check. I slacked off near the end of March, but overall my studying has remained fairly consistent.

3. Work out at least 4x a week. Fail… huge, epic fail!

4. Write 8 blog posts –Another fail… not even close!

5. Plan for summer travels. Unfortunately, we found out during Spring Break that one of our furbabies, Theon, is positive for heartworms. We adopted him during Thanksgiving break, and at the time, he tested negative. The veterinarian informed us, however, that simply because an animal tests negative doesn’t mean they don’t have larvae in their system. We made the mistake of not putting him on heartworm prevention as soon as we adopted him, but… lesson learned. We are undergoing expensive treatment for him, which may prevent us from traveling during the summer.

And now, for April goal setting:

1. Write 4 blog posts – I think this is a realistic goal. I set my goal too high last month and wasn’t able to keep up, but I think 1 post per week is totally doable and may even be exceeded this month if I am smart with my free time. 🙂

2. Continue improving my Spanish – 6 hours/week is what I shoot for, but if I am over or under that,  it’s fine. The key is to remain consistent until I have more dedicated free time over the summer.

3. Limit eating out to once per week or less – I am trying to be more conscious of how much we eat out. It’s hard to tell what you’re putting in your body and the costs add up over time.

4. Work out 3x per week – I set the goal of 4x per week last month and failed miserably. 3x a week is more realistic and not restricted to just gym work outs. This includes landscaping, dog runs, etc.

What’s on your goal list for this month?

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